Take Once Daily

I’ve never broken a bone but I’ve worn many casts

And like Shane said I signed them myself

My signatures consist of compliments and accomplishments

That proved them they were wrong


“Take once daily” written on plastic bottles

But that was never enough

And the bottle always emptied before I was ready

To face the woman who’d pass me another


Happy pills and at-home-therapy never did the trick

But my parents were proud of the skills I mastered

With a pencil on paper and bristles on a canvas

Secluding myself in hopes of bliss


I preferred to be with people

I’d walk through the woods or down the street

Where another neighbourhood of people would sit

And I would pretend I was happy too


They built me up but also tore me down

And were offended when I’d say goodbye

While I cried because separation gave me anxiety

And “take once daily” was never enough


But I never thought of taking more

Because of the signatures on my cast

That said that I was more than a girl

Created by the people who laughed


And I knew that I would someday show them

That the signatures were prophetic words

Of who and what I would become

Once the plaster helped me heal




*Shane / they were wrong

To This Day Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltun92DfnPY


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