Summer Bucket List 2016: Go On a Road Trip

I’m going to have a few posts that are all a little similar because I went on a road trip to Ontario to be in a wedding with my best friends, and it involved a lot of things on my summer bucket list. Like meeting someone new, going on a road trip, and going to a wedding. But let’s start with the road trip.

The drive from Fredericton, New Brunswick to Cardinal, Ontario is about nine hours. I drove to Ontario with my best friends Rose and Alex, and we drove back together with Cheyenne.

Road trips are really fun to me. I’m not sure how many other people love being crammed into a vehicle for that long with your best friends and little sleep, but I know I do.

4We didn’t make many stops on the way the way to Ontario because Alex wanted to see his fiancée (Cheyenne) as soon as possible, which makes sense. However we did stop at a few gas stations, one of which was filled with Pokemon that I didn’t have many of. We also stopped for a quick picnic along the highway. Did you know they have stops set up along the highway with picnic tables and washrooms? Because I didn’t. We had to pull over somewhere in Ontario next to the water and I got out of the car to take pictures of the amusement park across the water.

3The drive back from Ontario to New Brunswick also included the newly wed, Cheyenne. We stopped somewhere in Ontario to hang around a very large sunflower field while Alex ate a sandwich and Rose wandered around in the tall flowers. We also went to Ottawa and looked around at Parliament Hill, the National Gallery, Ottawa city, and many malls (including my favourite shops, LUSH, Hot Topic, and VANS). We walked around a lot and stopped to see many things, and walked across a man-made dam thing which was awful, but Alex and Rose loved it.

We stayed the night in Trois-Rivières at a not so great hotel. I’m not sure what the name of the hotel was so I can’t warn you, but it was a small room and the washroom sink wasn’t in the washroom, the hairdryer didn’t work, there was no mini fridge, and the entire place smelled funny. They seemed to have a nice pool though, but we didn’t have a chance to swim.

The rest of the way home included lots of driving, gas stations, embroidery, washroom stops, and road-games.

I’m going on another “road trip” today to the North Shore but it consists of only four hours worth of driving with my mom and best friend. My next real road trip will be next year to the Freshwind Conference in Toronto, Ontario, and I can’t wait.


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