Summer Bucket List 2016: Watch Fireworks

I live in Canada, so Canada Day is a pretty big deal. Every year it’s July 1st and downtown fills with food booths and trucks, stages, tents, and people. Once it gets dark, they light the sky with fireworks. Walking around, you’ll see little firework shows everywhere by people buying packs in convenience stores, and then at 10:40pm, the city shoots off 20 minutes of fireworks of all different shapes, sizes, and colours. It’s absolutely beautiful.

My friends and I knew exactly where the fireworks would be sent up, so we found the perfect spot to lay down in a field of grass next to a pedestrian overpass. Compared to all the other spots I’ve chosen with friends to sit, along the water, walking trails, fields, parks, etc, this years location was definitely the best.

I know it’s a silly little thing to have on my summer bucket list, but I love fireworks. It’s nice to love things and get excited over them.


*Sorry for the horribly blurry photo.


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