Summer Bucket List 2016: Go Longboarding

Longboarding is my favourite summer passtime when it comes to being outside. It feels absolutely amazing, there’s just something about it that I love. Maybe it’s the wind, the smooth ride, the speed, and I know I love swerving side to side when going down a slope.

This summer, I finally convinced my best friend Rose to let me teach her how to ride a longboard. She’s more of a girly bike with a basket full of flowers kind of girl and she’s always been a little afraid of my longboard, so it took a good amount of persuasion over the past Canadian winter. But I broke her down.

On Canada Day, I remembered to bring my longboard to her house before we went into town and she got pretty excited when she saw it. Downtown is one of the few good places for learning how to longboard where I live, so opportunities to teach don’t come up often unless you plan it in advance.

While riding, she never let go of me and I had to slow her down on slopes because she’d get scared of falling. She was embarrassed to be riding around so many people while grasping onto my arms, but she had fun. And so did I. So there goes another “check” on my list!


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