Summer 2016: New Restaurant #1

June 1, 2016

Does anyone else ever go to the same restaurants whenever they eat out? And order the same thing every time? Okay, I’m not that bad. I do try new restaurants, and whenever I visit a usual place, I like to try new things every time I go, however most times it’s just a small appetizer beside my favourite dish. I’m not that adventurous.

I’m not a picky eater so I love to try new things. However whenever my friends want to eat somewhere and I have to choose, it’s almost always somewhere I’ve already been. So on my summer bucket list, I have decided to add “try 5 new restaurants”.

I took to Facebook to ask my friends what places in town are delicious and that I should try. I got many responses, and wrote most of them down in a note on my phone (don’t you just love technology?). This blog entry is about the first new restaurant I went to: Vault 29!

So I think it’s supposed to be a 20s themed restaurant, however I’m not sure as it wasn’t totally obvious. I was with my friend Charlie, and we had no clue where to go. Neither of us had been there before and it didn’t seem too busy, and after lapping the town a few times we finally made a decision.


The menu wasn’t very big, consisting of only 3 pages. My friend who suggested Vault 29 said that they make the best burgers in town, so of course I had to order a burger. I got the Ma Barker with sweet potato fries, and Charlie got the Fat Tony burger with a Picaroons beer, and boy was it delicious. The portion of fries wasn’t very much and were covered in salt, and definitely not worth the $3 extra charge just to have the upgrade to sweet potatoes, but the burger was pretty big and full of flavour.

All in all, the meal was delicious and worth the overall cost. I will definitely be returning to sink my teeth into another pesto chicken burger at some point in the future. Charlie had no complaints about his meal, so I assume he was happy with it. His burger was absolutely covered in cheese and looked delicious. I’ll probably be returning just to try the Fat Tony, too.



*Photos of the Vault 29 menu are the property of Vault 29 and were taken off of their Facebook page.


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