Summer 2016: New Café #1

June 4, 2016

I’m not one to go to many cafés, but only because I don’t know of many good ones, and so I end up going to the same one every time. I keep hearing everyone talking about great cafés they’ve been to and I’m sitting like “yeah I went to Read’s again last week” and it’s really not entertaining, especially compared to the food and drinks that they talk about. Read’s isn’t bad, just everyone knows about it so it’s sort of old news, I guess.

Because of this, I have included “5 new cafés” along with my “5 new restaurants” on my 2016 summer bucket list. Last Saturday, without planning on it, I went to my first new café.

I was downtown with Rose and Charles and I really wanted ice cream, but no ice cream shops are open yet, and the only year round one (that I knew about) recently closed. We walked to the Lighthouse, a local ice cream shop, in hopes that they might be open already but they weren’t. That’s when Charlie remembered that a close coffee shop served ice cream.

It’s called Coffee and Friends, and I had never been there before because it honestly didn’t look that great. Read’s is literally right next door, so they are kind of competing cafés, but I’ve never even seen anyone at Coffee and Friends. I was hesitant to go in and order anything, but how bad could their ice cream be? And I was desperate.

Surprisingly, the coffee shop was perfectly fine. I’m not sure why I’ve never seen anyone there. We stuck around for about two hours enjoying our ice cream. We also got some Jones sodas to drink. While we were there, I actually saw a decent amount of people come in. There was a couple, a grandmother and granddaughter, and group of boys, and two solo boys. For two hours that’s not really a lot of people, but considering I had never seen anyone in there before, I was surprised.


You could tell the building was a little dated but that’s fine, Fredericton is a dated town. It was cute, and the man working was very friendly. I think that the shop is owned by him and his wife, and she was also very sweet. Their unofficial Facebook page has many 5 star ratings, a few 4 stars, and one 1 star (not sure what happened there, maybe she was grumpy that day?) and has plenty of photos showing off delicious looking foods! If only I was hungry when I went!

Sadly, the only photo I took the whole time there was of our Jones soda bottles, which was mostly because I wanted a picture of their funky shaped ice, which didn’t even get in the photo. It’s shaped like long daggers instead of cubes, and I was very interested in them.

All in all, Coffee and Friends definitely deserves a higher rep than it has. I will absolutely be going there again to try some of their food, and whenever I want ice cream it’ll be my first choice.


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