Summer Bucket List 2016

Here’s a list of things that I hope to do before my summer ends at the beginning of September. I plan on writing an entry for everything that I complete. Some things are bigger, some things are smaller, and I am excited for all of them!

  1. tie dye
  2. go to the FREX (Fredericton Exhibition)
  3. go camping
  4. outdoor electricity party
  5. go to the SPCA
  6. go to the bottle depo
  7. light and release a paper lantern
  8. have/go to a tea party
  9. reach 100 in a snapchat streak
  10. go longboarding
  11. learn to play an instrument
  12. get a henna
  13. have a campfire
  14. go to a garage sale/have a garage sale
  15. go to an antique store
  16. have slushies
  17. watch fireworks
  18. stargaze
  19. go on a road trip
  20. colour with a group
  21. go to a wedding
  22. go to the cottage
  23. finish reading a book
  24. hang out with family
  25. have a sleepover
  26. paint a big painting
  27. meet someone new                                                                 ×
  28. make a nature collag
  29. go shopping somewhere that’s not in my town
  30. go to St. Andrews
  31. keep a journal updated
  32. go to 5 new coffee shops
  33. look for sea glass and seashells
  34. make a scrapbook
  35. remodel my room
  36. make pizza
  37. go mini golfing
  38. buy a bike and ride it
  39. watch all my VHS tapes
  40. go to 5 new restaurants

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