Culture Appropriation Doen’t Exist

Catchy title, eh? It’s to grab your attention.
Let’s get something straight before I get into this: I love sharing culture. I’ve seen beautiful costumes, hairstyles, and tattoos inspired by other cultures. The photo below is not meant to be negative.
As you can see, there’s an insane double standard in the photo below. It’s not okay to dress as Pocahontas for Halloween because it’s racist, but dressing as a sugar skull for Halloween is totally okay. Being of caucasian skin, having dreadlocks or cornrows is culture appropriation, but it’s okay to tattoo a dream catcher on your body. Dream catchers are from (pardon me if I say anything wrong) First Nations, and Sugar Skulls are from (again, pardon) the Mexican celebration called Day of the Dead, where you celebrate the lives of those who have passed. They obviously come from other cultures, yet it’s totally okay.
It’s okay to eat food from anywhere around the world because it tastes good, why is it not okay to dress ourselves in ways we find beautiful? This is a celebration, not a mockery.
I personally don’t really believe culture appropriation exists (in most situations, I’m sure if I thought about it I could find something) because this is just sharing culture; we’ve done it forever, literally. Asia finds white skin beautiful, so they painted their skin white. North Americans think cornrows and dreadlocks (locs) are beautiful, so we wear them.
Costumes are a different story, but if you’re not doing it to make fun of the culture then I think it’s totally okay. Same thing for cosplay when you’re dressing as someone with a different skin tone so you do your makeup to look like them (this has been a big topic lately in the cosplay scene). I just think it’s dedication. The whole point is to look like them, skin colour and all.
So two points I wanted to go over with this post:
-culture appropriation is a double standard that people throw around whenever they want
-culture appropriation isn’t racist and we should all learn to stop being so stuck up about it and learn to share culture instead of oppress it to one location on earth
Rant over.

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