Why I Compliment People So Much

If you’ve ever met me, then you probably know that I shoot out a lot of compliments, whether it’s to a stranger, a friend, or a friends friend, etc. Usually it’s telling them I like their clothes, however it’s really just me saying what I’m thinking. If I think to myself that I really like something of yours, I tell you. Sometimes it’s weird or random, like when I freak out about cute mugs or compliment a strangers shoes. Sometimes I get funny looks.

Every now and then I ask myself “maybe I shouldn’t have said that, maybe I should have just kept quiet”, but then I remember the smiles I’ve seen, and the feelings I’ve had when people compliment me.

If you’ve ever had someone genuinely compliment you, then you know what I mean. That satisfactory feeling that just makes you feel happier, and better about yourself. And who doesn’t need a little boost every now and then?

When you wake up, you plan out your outfit because you like it. When you bought the item, you decided that you wanted to spend money on it. It’s nice to get a little recognition about the choices you’ve made and the clothes that you’ve worn, even if it is just a shirt, mug, hairstyle, lipstick, or phone case. You’ve chosen that item, and it feels good to have someone say they like it.

Yeah, maybe it’s a little weird sometimes, but the smiles make it worth it.


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