I received my first ever Lush Times issue, and one of the articles is about creating new hair treatments. In this article, they mentioned co-washing and very briefly described it. As a hair lunatic I instantly looked up more information on co-washing.


Co-washing is short for conditioner-only washing, meaning skipping shampooing your hair and going straight to conditioner as a cleanser. Every time.

Shampoo is surprisingly bad for your hair because of all the chemicals. Conditioner doesn’t have as many of these horrible chemicals, and it’s a lot softer on your hair than shampoo, hence why hair is always so soft after using conditioner.

The result of co-washing is extremely soft and easy-to-manage hair, however it’s not for everyone. Because conditioner is oily, you shouldn’t co-wash if you have already oily hair. In the article 5 Things You Need To Know About Co-Washing, number three on the list says that you should clarify your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

“This is an important step that some people skip. Your hair and scalp still need a gentle shampoo to adequately cleanse. When I skip shampoo for too long, my scalp itches like crazy. I recommend shampooing weekly or bi-weekly in addition to regular co-washing.”

If I didn’t have oily hair already, I’d start co-washing. It’s especially great for people with thick or curly hair, as it doesn’t get as greasy as quickly.


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