LUSH Candy Mountain Bubble Bar Review

For Christmas my friend got me an assortment of Lush items, one of which included the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. I was extremely excited to try it out, as I love creamy vanilla candy smells. They’re probably my favourite. You can purchase this holiday, Christmas-time-only item for $7.45 USD on the Lush website. Here’s the info you can find on the Lush website:

“Fair trade vanilla grows in view of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon in Western Uganda before being packed into this lustrous pink bubbler. Crumble it up under running water and sink deep into the glistening ridges of sweetly scented bubbles and comforting creamy candy scent. It’s a sweet treat you won’t soon forget.”

When I opened the bag, the smell was fantastic. It was like cotton candy, but not as sweet, and not overpowering, either.

12324957_10153421833857647_903571115_nIt made plenty of bubbles, however I had to use the entire bubble bar. It turned my bath water a light and translucent pink. It was a fairly solid bar, which made it crumbly because it has to break apart somehow, and it sort of made a mess. The smell was faint, but it slowly got stronger as time went on, and it lingered around the house and on my skin. I smelled like a ball of cotton candy all day, and it was great.

I would recommend using this bubble bar with a bath bomb that has a sweet smell and matches the colour, so maybe something like the Lush Pink bath bomb. All in all, I will probably be buying this around Christmas time to enjoy the sweet cotton candy, creamy vanilla smell again.


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