Why You Should Buy Those Hunter Boots (Even if You’re Not a Basic White Girl)

I know what you’re all thinking; I am just another “white girl” with a pair of rubber Hunter boots that praises them more than they deserve. The truth is, you’re right, but that shouldn’t affect whether or not you should own one of the best pairs of boots I’ve ever worn.

Growing up, my family had a lot of money, and therefor I got wonderful, high quality winter clothing every year, including new boots. Now that I’m a big girl with a job, I have to pay for my own clothing. Spending over $100 on a pair of rubber boots seemed a little absurd, so I went and bought a pair of rubber boots from another store for roughly $60. They were red and about half way up my calf. In a month they had ripped almost all the way down the sides, thus rendering them no longer waterproof and pretty much useless. Then winter came and I needed new boots.

I started talking to a couple of friends who had pairs of Hunter boots and they all said that I should buy a pair and that they are worth the money. Since Christmas was quickly approaching, my mom promised that she would pitch in $100 for Hunter boots as a Christmas present. After opening up the box on Christmas day, I immediately bought a pair of Hunter boot socks to wear to make the boots warm enough for winter.

After wearing them for a month and a half, I’ve come to the conclusion that I love my boots and have absolutely no regrets. Here’s why.

They’re comfy

First of all, these boots are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had. In the summer, I’m one of those people who wear running sneakers because my feet and back hurt, and the fact that these boots do not hurt my feet or back by the end of the day gives them an A+ on the comfort scale. They’ve got a thick layer of padding in the sole, making it nice and squishy.

They’re waterproof

Okay, this is a given, I mean they are rubber boots. But, have you ever had a pair of winter boots and by the end of the day you’re feet and boots are soaked from the snow and slush? Because I have, and it’s awful. The whole point of boots is to protect you from the weather  and ground, yet your feet getting soaked doesn’t seem to be a problem for the shoe companies.

They’re good for warm weather and cold weather

Because they are rubber boots, they’re more thin than a regular boot, which is great for the spring and summer. Then in the winter, you can throw in a pair of Hunter boot socks (or any pair of boot socks, or even wearing a thick pair of socks will do) and then they’re warm enough to wear in the winter, too. Therefore, you can wear Hunter boots all year round. No need to purchase anything extra for other seasons, so you may spend more money when you buy the boots, but in the long run you can actually save money by cutting down on shoe purchases (if you want to).

They’re really cute

Okay, maybe you don’t like the look of rubber boots, and I didn’t really either, but once I started wearing them I started to like them more. I find that the high boot really pulls some of my outfits together, same for the boot socks. Also, they’re the first pair of boots I’ve owned that don’t get salt stains, and for those of you in Canada, that can be a big deal!

They’re durable

Like I said about my previous rubber boots, they had huge rips in them. Walking made the outer sides bend, which resulted in a rip along the sides. My Hunter boots have not ripped at all, and I treat them way worse than I treated my last boots by bending and twisting, which would have torn my previous boots apart. These boots can deal with a lot more than I ever expected.

All in all, these boots are amazing, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They come in so many different styles, colours, and lengths which makes it so easy to find a pair that fits and you like. They even make boots with an adjustable back for people with big calves (like me), which means they’d fit any feet and legs.


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