LUSH Intergalactic Bath Bomb Review


Lush’s Intergalactic bath bomb is something I’ve wanted to try for a while. It looks so beautiful, and everyone raves about it online. So, I decided to buy one myself and try it out.

I purchased it off of the Canadian website for $7.50 CAN, and the description said

Ever wonder what bathing in deep space would be like? Invite the cosmos into your tub with this interstellar bomb. An awesome mix of refreshing peppermint and neon color will send your mood rocketing, while popping candy takes you on a trip around the Milky Way. Before you leap too far, rogue layers of vetivert and cedarwood take hold, evoking the warmth of human contact far from home and a hint of ‘80s aftershave.

I didn’t even read the description before buying it, I was just too excited.

It came within a couple of days, as usual, and fully intact. This bath bomb was huge, and I could have easily used it for two baths instead of one by breaking it in half. The smell in the description is pretty spot on, vetiver, cedarwood, and aftershave is a perfect explanation on the smell that wafted through my entire bathroom. I was not a fan of the smell, so I covered it with the Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar.

The bath was absolutely beautiful. When I dropped it in, it filled my tub with a blue haze, that quickly got darker. The foam was mostly blue, with lines of pink, white, and yellow. The water was a very dark blue, with an abundance of gold sparkles.

The smell lingered around my house and stuck to my skin for a little while, but not as long as some other bath bombs. Many of my friends liked the smell, including my mom, which is good because she didn’t like the previous bath bomb’s smell that filled the house.

I would definitely buy this bar again, however because I did not like the smell I would pair it with a blue bubble bar or body wash to not ruin the beautiful deep blue colour. I would also suggest this to many friends, but I would also tell them to break the ball in half as you do not need the entire thing.



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