Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar Review

I bought the Comforter Bubble Bar from the Lush Canada website for $11.95 CAN and it got to my house in two days using the air travel method (which costs $2 CAN more than shipping by ground), and it was not crumbled or broken when I opened the package.

To use a bubble bar, you break off a piece and run the water over the piece in your hand and crumble it while it pours into the tub, creating a mountain of bubbles. Some people like to break the bar up it a little bit in advance and place it in a strainer and let the water run over all of it while in the strainer. I like to stick to the crumbling in the hand method, however both methods work equally as good.

Using only half of the bar, I managed to fill my tub with a wonderful bright pink colour and many, many bubbles. I could easily have used only one third of the bar instead of half and still had enough bubbles to enjoy a relaxing bath. I found that the bubble bar made the water a little oily on my skin, however I am almost certain that it was because I had used too much for the amount of water in my tub. I saved the rest of the bar and placed it in a bag, and I plan on using only a portion of the leftovers on my next bath and the rest I will save for another day to mix with a bath bomb or some other leftovers.

The bubble bar had filled the bathroom with the smell of sweet raspberries, and it lingered on my skin all day, leaving me smelling my arms in class and enjoying the scent with no regrets.







The picture above of the water does not do the colours justice. It was a beautiful bright pink colour, and the picture makes it look more dull and dark.

At the end of the day, I would definitely purchase this bubble bar again. It smelled amazing, and the colours were beautiful, and for three uses, $11.95 is not a bad price. The best part of this bubble bar was that the smell lingered on my skin for so long, so I got to enjoy it all day.


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