Lush Wiccy Magic Muscels Massage Bar Review

Recently I bought myself a massage bar from the Lush Canada website. I had looked at reviews for all the bars that I was interested in, and after juggling the Tender is the Night bar – for it’s sweet vanilla smell – and the Wiccy Magic Muscles bar – for its soothing qualities – I decided upon the Wiccy Magic Muscles bar.

Here is what the Lush website told me about this particular bar:”Wiccy Magic Muscles is our spicy massage bar for aching muscles. The first time you use one of these, you’ll notice the sensation of peppermint and cinnamon spice oils which make the skin feel warm and tingly. The red pieces on the top are aduki beans, which work into the muscles like firm fingertips for a relaxing massage. We’re using our new aeration technique on our Wiccy’s to make them melt into the skin easier, making for a soft, smooth massage. When you’ve worked yourself into a pretzel in yoga class, or had a long day on the slopes, head home and convince someone to rub this one in. Ahh, that’s better.” (Lush Canadian Website). All of the reviews on the website were very positive, all being 4 or 5 stars, and YouTube reviews seemed promising as well.

My body is almost always aching in some way, and after working my back always seems to hurt, and I love me some relaxation. So I thought that Wiccy Magic Muscles was the way to go.

I purchased the bar for $11.95 CAN and a carrying tin for $3.95 CAN through a friend and received it quite quickly, as usual. She had told me that when she opened the bag everything came in, the bar smelled quite strong.

I opened it while at a friends house with 3 others, and when I opened up the plastic wrap that the bar was in the room was immediately filled with the smell of, not cinnamon and peppermint, but something more along the lines of those little cloves that you stick inside of oranges at Christmas time, accompanied by pine tree. By the sound of it you would think that this was a good smell, but it didn’t combine in a way that reminded me of christmas or anything pleasurable.

My friends had said that the smell was making their noses burn and one got a headache. I put the bar back into its tin, after testing it out on a trusting friend. The bar is made with coconut oil, and if you’ve never used coconut oil before, it melts at body temperature and spreads all over, and makes a huge mess. Needless to say, my friends arm was covered in oil and so were my hands, and I’m assuming that she’ll never trust me again. We both rubbed some off onto the other people in the room, and the smell lingered in the room for a very long time, and was even still around when I had left the house.

Once I got home, I had decided to try it on my own arm. Using much less, I rubbed the bar twice on both arms, then rubbed it in, giving myself a little massage. I felt absolutely no sensation during or after doing so, other than the returning burning in my nose from the smell. Immediately once you pick up the bar it starts to melt in your hands, so you have to start and finish quickly, otherwise you have oil running down your arm.

The aduki beans are a pro of the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar, they are a solid, smooth surface when the bar melts, which feels different from hands and palms. Therefore it feels different from a regular massage. My boyfriend enjoyed the smell, so that makes 1/5 people who enjoyed it (not including the friend who I had bought the bar through who said that it smelled strong).

All in all, I will not be purchasing this massage bar again. It did not possess the qualities promised, and therefore was a disappointment. However, I may try a couple of other ones such Tender is the Night, for my love of all things vanilla.


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