To My Best Friend Who Never Lost Touch

First of all, hello.

Second of all, I miss you.

And third of all, thank you for never breaking your promise to never lose touch.

You mean more to me than any word in any language could ever describe. Being different years of age was hard on our relationship, as school was only a contributor to our friendship for one year, but living close together was on our side, and even once you moved away from our country-side location and closer to the town, I would spend days there and we would cruise to the sound of bar music and draw people and buildings on paper.

Then you moved to another town, and the cruising and drawing became nothing but  memory and glossy prints on photo paper.

People say that technology has destroyed our generation of youth, but if it weren’t for the apps on our cellphones, friendship would not be so easy. When hours didn’t match and days kept passing by, snapchat and texting, where replies weren’t immediate, were our saviour.

When you come back to town, it’s like you never left. People say that that is what true friendship is; when you can be apart for so long and reconnecting is still as easy as if you’ve never been apart. Driving, Tim Hortons, television shows or horror movies, video games, longboarding, and laying in bed were and are our favourite means to dwindle time away with each other, and I would have it no other way.

I know that you are having fun at your school, and you are finally living with your girlfriend, and that makes me happy. I know that you’ll be here soon, and that makes me even happier. I think about the last time you were here, and we made impromptu decisions to dye our hair and stayed up until 4AM staring at our new hair colours and laughing at anything. The next time you will be here will be just as fun, because with us it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, because what matters is that we are together.

First of all, thank you for never breaking your promise to never lose touch.

Second of all, I miss you.

And third of all, goodbye (for now).

*Insert insulting yet comical name here.*



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