To My Best Friend Across the Country


First off, I miss you. More than you would think. I miss being together almost every weekend and hanging off the railing. I miss laughing when we accidentally set fires in the kitchen because pepper and old stoves don’t mix. I miss painting your little sisters with makeup, jumping as high as we could on your trampoline, sleeping in bunk beds, meowing at cats, playing with dogs, watching bad movies and good movies, and that damn cold bedroom of yours.

But most of all, I miss you.

When you left to another city to attend school and pursue your dreams, I was so proud. We would talk on the phone about the boy we used to avoid who had become your new best friend. We’d talk about smelly fish and their dead eggs because that’s what you were doing in school that day. We’d talk about when you’d be home next,

and it was never soon enough.

When you moved to another province to work in your dream job, I was so proud. I congratulated you and almost cried but held back because I knew if I did then you would, too. We talk on Facebook, and I see your pictures. We talk about new friends, new jobs, new pets, school, and your sisters. We talk about missing each other and when you’ll be home next,

and it’s never soon enough.

One day, I’ll see you again, and we’ll hug and be merry. We’ll laugh and take pictures to post to our friends, and we’ll talk about people and good times that did end. We’ll talk about school, and memories, and so much more. We will eat junk food to the sound of Hercules in the background, while the voices of your sisters make their way to your room,

and it’ll be soon enough.


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