How to Make a Teacup Candle

Making a teacup candle is actually very easy, and not extremely time consuming, meaning you can make it in an afternoon while no one is using the stove.

A couple of things that you will need are:

1 teacup and saucer per candle you would like to make


1 candle wick

1 chopstick (or any solid straight stick will do)

1 double boiler²

1 spoon (to scoop the wax out of the candle)

*optional: glue (either crazy glue or a hot glue gun)

          ¹ The number of candles you needs varies on how big the candle is and how big the teacup is. I bought a large 3-wick candle from Avon, and it would have been enough for 2 teacup candles.

          ² A double boiler is two pots, one being larger than the other, and the smaller one sits inside of the larger one, you can buy double boilers or simply make one yourself out of already owned pots. I used a regular pot, and an aluminum bowl (like the ones people often use for popcorn) as the smaller pot.

First, take the wick and place it in the teacup and try to measure how long the wick needs to be in order for the bottom of the wick to touch the bottom of the teacup, and if there is a flat surface on the bottom of the wick, try to get it to lay flat on the bottom of the cup, and tie the other end of the wick to your chopstick (or whatever you decided to use). Place the wick inside of the teacup and balance the chopstick flat on top of the candle.


Next, fill the bottom pot of your double boiler up with water about 3/4 of the way full to make sure that the top pot (in my case the aluminum bowl) touches the water. Set the stove on high and start to boil your water. Then, place your smaller pot on top or in the larger pot, and fill it with a little bit of water so that there is roughly 2 inches of water.

Place the teacup inside of the two inches of water in the top pot/bowl of the double boiler. Start scooping the candle wax and putting it into the teacup one scoop at a time.


The wax will start to melt and you can slowly add scoops as needed. You may need to add more water to either of the pots, so make sure to keep checking up on both of them. If either do not have enough water, the wax will not heat up enough to melt.


If the wax starts to bubble, turn the heat down. The bubbles will stay permanently if not.

When you think that there is enough wax in the teacup candle and it is all melted, carefully take the teacup out of the double boiler and set it aside to cool and harden.

Once it is done setting, you can either glue the cup of the candle to the saucer, or you can leave it not glued so that when the candle melts you can wash the cup and use it as a teacup. I personally did not glue mine.


*Last image belongs to Rose Mersereau



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