Why I’m Okay With Being a “Basic White Girl”

Most people are aware of the continuing joke of calling a someone a “white girl” or “basic” when they partake in things such as wearing a forest green jacket, enjoying a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, wearing Hunter brand rubber boots, preferring something “pretty” over the alternative, wanting lots of followers on an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page, etcetera. Unfortunately, the term is known to be a negative name to call people, and usually used to make fun of a friend or a crowd in a somewhat wholesome way. However, why does enjoying these things have to result in being branded as a “basic white girl”?

If there were a line drawn, and at one end was being a “white girl”, and at the other end of the line would be the polar opposite, whatever that may be, I’d probably somehow manage to fall at both ends of the line at the same time. I enjoy Starbucks and pumpkin spice lattes, I wear rubber boots and own a green jacket, I have an iPhone and I when given the option I choose prettier purchase. But why is this a bad thing?

I like aesthetically pleasing items, my fashion sense happens to be similar to others, and I wear rubber boots when – gasp – it’s raining. I drink coffee, cappuccinos, tea, espressos, hot chocolate, lattes, mochas, and really everything else. Why, after enjoying all of these things, I’m caught with a red cup marked “Gr Pmkn Latte” I’m instantly told that I am “so white”? I wear colourful, flirty, floral, cute patterns, and I wear black, studded, plaid, and band tees. I wear skinny jeans, sweat pants, leggings, dresses, shorts, and sweaters. Yet, after years of never having anyone mention my clothing, I wear a green jacket and instantly I’m told again that I am “so white”. Why?

However, it doesn’t matter why, because whether I understand or not, it’s going to happen and I will be labelled as a “basic white girl”. And truthfully, I don’t care. I don’t see the negative light of wearing clothing that I like, drinking flavors I enjoy, and living my life simply the way that I want to. I mean, I am a female of caucasian skin, so when it comes to me, they’re just pointing out the obvious.

Yeah, I’m a very “basic white girl”, and I’m okay with that; I enjoy my basic white girl lifestyle. Truthfully, that’s all that matters. I’ve embraced my basic-ness and I love it.

Note: the barista spelled my name wrong. 😉


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