How I Learned to Feel Beautiful

There is something I feel every girl can agree with: we are just not happy with the way that we look. There’s always something that we can point out while looking in the mirror that we simply don’t like, whether it is our body size/type, height, the condition of our skin, nose, eyes, eyebrows, and so much more. Women are practically professionals at  pinpointing these things.

After doing this every day, you start to only see your imperfections, the things you had been deliberately pointing out. And you start to believe after a while that you are not beautiful, no matter what anyone tells you.

Every morning while getting ready for school or work, I was one of those girls who’d put concealer over every red dot, and foundation and powder over every inch of my face, trying to conceal what I believed were imperfections. I hated the way I looked. I hated everything about my body and face, and to tell you the truth there are still a few things that I would change about myself, but for the most part, I am extremely happy with the way I look.

Here is how I learned to tell myself “I am beautiful” and believe it.

In the entrance of my house, right by the main door, there is a large full sized mirror. Every day before I leave the house, I stop and I look in the mirror. I glance over my outfit, my face, my hair, and I will tell myself at least one thing that I truly like about my looks that day. Some days I will repeat things I have said before, like when I get a new coat or a new pair of shoes, then usually I would say I love those every morning for a while. Sometimes it’s my eyes, sometimes my hair, maybe my makeup, clothes, anything goes.

Usually I think something along the lines of “my makeup is blended perfectly”, “I really like my new shoes”, “this light makes my eyes look nice”, “I like the way this shirt makes me look”, “my hair cooperated with me this morning, and it looks great”. Anything that you see in the mirror that you like about yourself that day is something you should tell yourself. It’s like giving yourself a little compliment every morning.

The feeling that overcomes you when find something about yourself that you love that day really boosts your mood and confidence. After doing it every day for a while, you will start to be able to say more and more things every day that you like. And eventually, you will start to see your real beauty, and the way that everyone else sees you: beautiful.


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